Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teacher Seduces Student Using Facebook

Dallas, TX - A female second grade teacher was arrested today after she was accused of using the popular social networking site Facebook to seduce one of her former female students. Demonica Washington, 44, was arrested after police received tips and emails shared with a former student over Facebook. The messages showed Washington trying to get one of her students into bed. Due to the age of the child, the name has been withheld from the media to protect her identity. The child is only 10 years old now, though she was only 8 when the first of the messages began coming.

The messages have been released in pieces to the media, only showing the evidence provided to obtain a search warrant against Washington. She was arrested outside of her Dallas home early this morning. She did not resist and went willingly with officers, much to the dismay of the assembled media outlets. 
The parents of the young girl issued only a written statement which was read by police spokesmen on various outlets. The statement read:
We think that the actions that have taken place are disgusting and vile. We believe that this teacher has violated the sacred trust of her position and we hope she gets the justice that she deserves. 
No word as to whether any physical contact took place between Washington and the minor. We hope for the sake of the child that she was unharmed beyond the messages sent by Washington. Authorities are investigating all motives and any other potential victims. If you believe your child has been contacted by Ms. Washington, you are urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist with the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She still doesn’t understand the Facebook phenomenon. Why would people want to talk to people on the internet that they don’t even like in real life? Sounds pointless to her. 
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