Friday, August 5, 2011

Dear Annabel, A Webby Is Not Spiderman Related

Baltimore, MD - Annabel Lee received confirmation last night that she has been nominated for a 2011 Webby award. Unfortunately for her, she thought that a Webby was related to the Spiderman comic book character. She’s been in her office all day singing the Spiderman theme song, and pretending to shoot staffers with webs. 

We tried to explain to her that a Webby award is based on being an outstanding website online and having something that people enjoy. We even showed her other award winners, but she didn’t believe us. We even read her the letter from the Webby administration, but she didn’t believe that either.
After she had silly stringed the Editor-in-Chief of the Baltimore Fake Times Journal, she was told to go home. Where she then decided she was going to try and climb down the stairs like a spider. Security stopped her before she could hurt herself. We’re not sure if that’s lucky for us or not here at the BFTJ. 
We hope that Annabel Lee does win her award, though if she really decides to dress up as Spider Girl, we may be in for a bit of an embarrassment. 
Keith Couture is Annabel Lee’s supervisor. He is just glad that she didn’t get nominated for a Wonder Woman award. He doesn’t think the office is ready to see Annabel in a Wonder Woman costume. 
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