Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 Trillionth n00b Tea Bagged

Irvine, CA - Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the popular online game World of Warcraft, announced a milestone within the game. World of Warcraft, or WoW, has become the most popular online game of all time, at one point boasting over 10 million players. The milestone for this game was something rather interesting, and quite unique. 

The announcement stated that the 1 trillionth n00b was tea bagged. For those who don’t understand MMORPG, short for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, terminology, we will explain what this means. A n00b, as they are called, is a new player to the game. Usually someone who is lower level or does something that a veteran player considers to be a mistake or foolish. It could also be a term used for a player who has gear that is not as elite as one of the veteran players. 
Tea bagging is one of those terms that is used as a way of taunting someone in a game. Usually, it involves dancing or sitting on top of a fallen person in the game. It is also slang for placing a scrotum on ones face or forehead, typically when someone is asleep. In the video game world, this is common when two players are fighting one another, or when someone dies as a result of doing something stupid. 
Why Blizzard would announce this as an event, one can only speculate. It could be the game giant acknowledging the people who play the game and the culture, or it could be as a way of attempting to reach new players and bring back deserters to other games, such as the Halo franchise. 
Blizzard has seen a decline in their membership as increased competition has made it’s way to the market. Smartphones have changed the way people play games, and WoW membership has fallen before 8 million for the first time in nearly three years. This marks the first significant loss of players for Blizzard in the history of the franchise. 
Parents are concerned with this announcement, as it may be inappropriate for some children. Blizzard says the announcement is made out of jest and fun, using terms the players of the games use. No answer on when teabagging n00bs became an official statistic in the World of Warcraft. 
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Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She used to play WoW in the past, having a level 80 Blood Elf Death Knight before she realized the game was boring and quit. 

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