Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Smart Phone Has Everything.... Almost

Taoyuan, Taiwan - One of the global leaders in smartphones released their latest product to rave reviews from the industry insiders. HTC launched their latest phone, the HTC Insurmountable. It comes with the largest touch screen on the market for a smartphone, as well as the largest hard drive and fastest processor. It is an Android powered phone, similar to their other products like the Evo and Thunderbolt. The phone is 4G, has a smooth interface and superior touch screen controls.

The phone comes preloaded with tons of apps and software, giving it an advantage over other phones during the first few days of ownership. The phone has changed things for the industry. With all the positives for the phone, there was one glaring omission in the entire production and usage of the phone. The phone doesn’t make phone calls. 
That’s right. The phone does not make phone calls. It comes with VOiP software and other communication programs, but there is not a standard telephone feature for the phone. When asked if this was intentional, an HTC spokeswoman read the following statement. 
“We believe that the future of smartphones is not in the voice feature over traditional means. We see the future in text and voice over internet, meaning that the standard telephone call is no longer important to communication. The majority of users are spending more time using apps and text messaging, and that is what this phone is geared to.”
Industry insiders seem to agree with HTC’s view of the future. They have given the Insurmountable the highest ratings of any phones, ahead of even the ratings given to the iPhone 4 from Apple when it was released. The Insurmountable will be available exclusively through AT&T, with the Insurmountable II coming out two months later for Verizon. The retail price is expected to be around $700, which is really pricy for a smartphone that doesn’t include talking. 
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She has an iPhone 4 and really likes it. She doesn’t have anything against Android powered phones, though she’s yet to find one that she likes more than her Apple product. Yup, she’s an Apple tool.

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