Thursday, July 14, 2011

Even President Obama's Luggage Gets Lost At Airport

Andrews AFB, MD - When you think of Air Force One, you think of security; the private plane for the President of the United States. You think of lush decorations and military personnel. You imagine state of the art technology and protocols for every imaginable event that can go wrong.

What you don’t picture is the President’s luggage getting lost when he returns from abroad. That’s what happened to President Obama when he landed at Andrews AFB after touring campaign stops across the United States. His bags of clothes and personal items were lost somewhere along the way. They were supposed to be carried by an Air Force Airman First Class. Unfortunately,  the Airman set the bags down for a minute to phone his wife. The bags were forgotten at the phone somewhere in America.
When the plane left, the Airman was on the flight, yet the bags were still at the airport. Security found the bags, looked at the luggage tags and believed them to be a joke. They called the local police to investigate the suspicious luggage. After a few rounds of phone calls, the police confirmed the bags were, in fact, President Obama’s. 
The luggage was sent via courier to the White House today, under armed security. This marks the most secure pair of tighty whities ever moved across the country. The President reportedly gave the courier a private tour of the White House and thanked him for returning his luggage. 
No word on what happened to the Airman in charge of the luggage during the President’s travels. 
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She lost her luggage in Hawaii once and spent three days on the island in blue jeans and a faded Brigham Young University sweatshirt. She was miserable in the heat. 

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