Thursday, June 23, 2011

When A Tape Recorder Lands You In Jail

Phoenix, AZ
- Annabel Lee struck again, with another incident involving an up-and-coming author. This time, her unfortunate victim was author Stephen Hise, whose latest book, “Upgrade”, is now available on Amazon’s Kindle eReader and in paperback. 

The incident occurred three nights ago when Hise was coming home from an Arizona Diamondbacks game. On the way home, he noticed that he was being followed along the city streets by a woman driving erratically. When he stopped at a light, the woman got out of the car and began approaching him, holding a suspicious black metal object. Fearing the worst, Hise remained in his car and phoned the Maricopa Sheriff’s Department. The light turned green and he burned rubber getting away. 
A few lights later, the police stopped the car, which was still following Hise. When he stopped to file the report with the police, he realized that it was Annabel Lee. The black object she was holding was a tape recorder. She claimed that she had tried to call Hise on his phone, but didn’t have his phone number. Hise pressed charges for harassment against Annabel Lee. He had spotted her a few days earlier, lurking outside of his home, pretending to walk a dog, which was a gym bag with wheels. 
Annabel is being detained in Tent City at Maricopa County Jail, where she really likes the pink outfits. She’s asked the warden if she can keep them to add to her collection. He’s ordered psychiatric counseling for her as part of her rehabilitation. Good luck with that, Warden Joe Arpaio. 
Keith Couture is Annabel Lee’s boss at the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. He wishes she would stop giving him mugshots as photos to attach to her articles. 

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