Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Annabel Lee Catches Celebrity With Pants Down

New York City, NY - During a recent fact finding trip to The Big Apple, Annabel Lee stopped into a deli in uptown Manhattan. When she went into the unisex bathroom at the deli, a celebrity was inside, preparing to use the urinal.

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s highly popular program “The Daily Show”, was standing there. Annabel decided this was the moment to try and interview Stewart. The answer he gave to each question was, “Who are you, and why are you watching me pee?”. 
After two jiggles and flushing the toilet, he proceeded to wash his hands, again asking who Annabel was and why she was in the men’s room. Upon further examination, the bathroom was in fact, the men’s room.
Annabel wants to use this time to apologize to Mr. Stewart for watching. Also, she’s totally open to coming and work on “The Daily Show” with you. You know, if you’re not too freaked out by her. 
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She didn’t see as much as Mr. Stewart wants to believe. 

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