Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Holiday Creep: Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Lincoln, NE - Holiday creep has been happening for years now all across America. Christmas decorations have been up the day after Halloween. Halloween costumes go on sale before school even starts. This has been creeping up as companies try to boost profits before seasonal holidays. 

Experts believed that lesser holidays were protected from such creep. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Take the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. They celebrated the Fourth of July holiday on June 19th, bringing it three weeks earlier than normal. 
“We know that summers in Lincoln are very hot, and we wanted to take advantage of a cool period before the summer brings high temperatures. We also wanted to let the children have a day to celebrate American independence before working in the fields for their parents farms,” said Lincoln mayor Deborah Chandling.
“We know the traditional date for the Fourth holiday is the Fourth of July, but we had a need to move it up, for safety concerns for the citizens of Lincoln.”
Other communities are already joining this trend, scheduling their parades and firework displays for this coming weekend, rather than actually on the Fourth of July.
“I think it’s a travesty what they’re doing. They’re disgracing the United States with their tomfoolery,” said Tad McDaniels, 91, a survivor of the Pacific War during World War II. 
“Whatever, it’s all lame,” Mary Beth Collins, 15, told us when we asked her opinion. She then rolled her eyes and went back to Tweeting about a “dorky reporter bitch”. We think she means Katie Couric.
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She thinks holiday creep has gone too far when you can buy Christmas trees in August. 

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