Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gay Agenda Falls Into Wrong Hands

Washington, DC - Imagine the surprise on Reince Priebus’ face when he saw a courier envelope on his desk from one of the leading gay rights groups in America. 

“I sat down at my desk, and there it was. Just sitting there. Clearly, this had to be a mistake. There is no way this was sent intentionally,” Priebus told us during a phone interview. “I saw this envelope and I opened it up. Inside was the full 220 page gay agenda. It showed every trick in their playbook, all their calendar appointments for 2011 and even a list of their top donors.”

The gay rights group who mailed the envelope wished to remain anonymous, as they had handed the enemy all the information they held. The mistake was made when an intern mistook the RNC (Republican National Convention) for the NRC (National Rights Council). The mixup led to the gay agenda now being posted on the RNC’s webpage.

They declined comment when we spoke to them other than addressing how this occurred. Gay rights groups are scrambling to control the damage.

“I think it’s cute that they want to play with the big boys, but when they make rookie mistakes like that, it just makes it easier for us to toy with them. This isn’t Michael Steele’s RNC headquarters anymore. We do things the right way for the Republican way,” Priebus said.

When asked what he intended to do with the information now that it was posted for every conservative group to view online, he told us, “I think I’ll leave that to the groups. We have bigger issues to handle, like trying to get attention off the Senator (John) Ensign situation.”

What this means for gay rights groups is unknown at this point, other than they will have to make a lot of phone calls to reschedule their appointments.

Annabel Lee is a freelance reporter for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She was relieved that her name was on the gay agenda for a 2 PM meeting on July 7th. She was baking cookies for the occasion.

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