Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boy Uses Ladies Room - Forgets To Put Seat Down

Boise, ID - There was nothing unusual about Mary Dallas’s shopping trip to K-Mart on Sunday. All the items she wanted where stocked on the shelves properly, traffic wasn’t altered by road construction, everything was normal. That is, normal until she had to use the ladies room.

Upon entering the restroom, she saw that both stalls were occupied. She patiently waited until one opened up. When 6 year old Daniel Wilson stepped out, it wasn’t that surprising. Many young boys use the ladies room when their mothers are in the other stall. But when Mary walked in, she found the toilet seat was raised and left there.

“It’s unnatural to go into the women’s bathroom and find the toilet seat raised up. I would expect that if I was at home, but here at K-Mart? I was offended!”, Dallas exclaimed.

She continued, “There is a certain level of expectations one has in the bathroom, and I feel that mine were violated.”

Sarah Wilson, the mother of Daniel, was in the stall beside her son during the incident. “He’s a good kid, we had to use the bathroom, so we went into the ladies room. He’s too short to reach the urinals, and I didn’t want to risk someone hurting my baby. He knows better, and I am very disappointed in him.”

When asked about the incident, Daniel, in the presence of his mother, said, “I’m sorry. I forgot. I was a bad boy.”

Dallas intends to file a lawsuit against the boy and his mother for discrimination. She has retained an attorney located in downtown Boise, next to the Pep Boys.

Annabel Lee is a freelance reporter for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She is a graduate of some school she went to, and can play Rock Band 3 on Expert difficulty.

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