Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Birth Certificate Scandal Rocks America

Ottawa, Canada - Officials were cleaning out a box of misplaced and misfiled documents when they made a discovery. In a box of old birth certificates, one jumped out at the custodian at the Hall of Records in Ottawa. 

“I opened the box and began entering the birth certificates into the computer system. One of the names looked very familiar. It was for dated for the 6th of July, 1946. The name was for George Walker Bush. The hospital was Canadian Memorial Hospital, thus proving that former President Bush was born in Canada,” records custodian Henrietta LeFleare told Canadian Television station 3.

The news clearly upset Americans inside the beltway. Washington officials are now scrambling to find out what this means for the United States and the entire Presidency of 43.

“We need to take every precaution and legal step to ensure that the Constitution of the United States is followed and protected. We need to find out what this means in terms of the legislation and policies adopted during the eight years of President Bush in power,” White House spokeswoman Kay Dealing said in an announcement from the White House Press Room.

Constitutional Law Professor and the University of Maryland, Henry Williams told us, “Clearly, the Constitution says that to become President of the United States, you must be a natural born citizen. Having two American parents, President George W. Bush should be considered an American citizen, however, treaties with Canada allowing American children to remain citizens weren’t signed until the 1950s, over five years after his birth. So, this will be a situation that we have no legal precedent for handling.

“If it is ruled that his presidency was illegal, then it invalidates everything he achieved. Tax rates will return to their Clinton era levels, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will have to be ended immediately or reinitiated. Justices appointed to circuit courts, as well as the Supreme Court, will be removed from the bench. Guantanamo Bay will have to be closed immediately, or reauthorized. It will be chaos if this is the case regarding Bush 43.”

In contrast, Phyllis Starks, Constitutional Authority for the CATO Institute in Washington, DC, says, “There is no way that the United States will be able to remove eight years of legislation and governing from the books. It just isn’t possible. Regardless of what happens in this matter, the achievements of President George W. Bush will stand for perpetuity.”

This could take many years to determine what the outcome will be from this discovery. It will be a landmark decision, altering the course of American history whichever way it is ruled.

Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She is not Canadian, and it makes her sad every day.

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