Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ready For Landing...... Before Takeoff.

Los Angeles, CA - A plane crashed today before making it to the taxiway at Los Angeles International Airport. The FAA says that it is the first time in 30 years that a plane has crashed before leaving the gate at a major airport. 

“The pilot was preparing to taxi away from the gate. They were moving backwards after a safety check and inspection. The plane moved approximately 500 feet before the front landing gear sheered and the nose of the plane slammed to the ground. No one on the plane was injured,” FAA spokesperson Rob McDaniels told reporters outside LAX earlier today.

“The plane was just inspected for safety, so how this could happen is under investigation. We are withholding information on the airline at this time, to provide us time to find out more about their planes and how this could happen. Our number one concern at this time is to prevent this from happening with other aircraft.”

The company, Delta, announced that they are conducting their own investigation into what happened. They have grounded nearly 200 flights in the past 24 hours as they look into possible problems with their aircraft after a modernization project conducted last summer, replacing the landing gear on most of their fleet. They did not answer questions following their announcement.

Passengers were offered refunds or space available seating on other flights out of Los Angeles. Delta is offering those who were on the plane a pair of first class roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the world Delta flies. Some passengers feel this is too little, too late for Delta. They refused to comment as part of a potential class action lawsuit.

Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Time Journal. She loves to fly, and it shows. She also still has all the toy pilot wings she got from Pan Am as a kid. 

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