Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Windows Live Messenger Leads To Divorce

Williamsburg, VA - A man filed for divorce on Monday in Williamsburg citing communication problems as the reason for the separation. This is a normal problem for most couples, but what makes this a special circumstance worthy of being in the news is the exact reason that Martin Edwards cited in his declaration to divorce his wife of six years, Caitlyn Edwards.

On the declaration, Martin wrote that the communication issues were related to a conversation he had with his wife a month ago over Windows Live Messenger, commonly referred to as MSN Messenger or just MSN. The conversation over MSN allegedly involved Martin asking his wife if she still loved him, as they had grown apart. The message was received by Caitlyn, whose alleges she replied to the message. Martin states that he never received a reply, and he took that to mean the relationship was over. 
When Martin returned home that night, the two engaged in a heated fight over this turn of events with both sides claiming they were right. Caitlyn even showed Martin where she had sent the message in her history feature, but Martin believed her to have added that entry after the fact. The fight continued for a period of three hours before Martin left. He slammed the door leaving the home, hopped into his car and drove to a hotel on the outskirts of town. He spent three nights there before returning to the home to collect his belongings.
As of now, Martin has moved into an apartment in Williamsburg, leaving the home to Caitlyn. The two have not spoken, in person or on messenger, in over three weeks. The filing by Martin was not unexpected, but does mark one of the perils of using technology as a communication tool in relationships. 
A researcher at the University of Virginia told reporters that the phenomenon of people using tools for communication can be a healthy thing. “Telephones and telegraphs, post offices, cell phones, pagers, email and now instant messenger programs have all changed how we communicate with loved ones. There are been countless misunderstandings over these means. There is no substitute for genuine face to face communication between people, but these are tools to help provide a link over distance and time. People have to understand that just because you’re sending a message, that doesn’t mean that the message will be received or understood in the same way as it was intended. People need that face to face time to strengthen their bonds.”
Martin stated to reporters that he had other problems with Caitlyn over the past 18 months. Caitlyn stated she was unaware of any problems and plans to make her case during the hearings. The couple currently have no children involved in this divorce.
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. When she got divorced, it was a simple matter. She asked, “Should we get divorced?” and the answer was, “Yeah”. She filed the paperwork and was done in a month. 
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