Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Year Old Charged With Domestic Terrorism

Cheyenne, WY - The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided a preschool looking for a domestic terrorist today. The FBI arrested Jamison Delauncy, 3, from Cheyenne. When asked about the raid, the lead official, FBI spokesperson Harriet Morrison, stated that Delauncy was wanted in connection with a domestic terrorist ring in the Cheyenne area.

According to officials, Delauncy had called in multiple times to 911, playing audio tapes of adults talking about bombing various buildings and government agencies in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Authorities were not sure if Delauncy was working alone, or at the insistence of his parents, Dwayne and Maureen Delauncy.
Agents raided the Happy Times Nursery on Hyacinth St., which asked to be unnamed in this article, around 10 AM, just before nap time. The FBI stated they were looking for weapons, tape recordings and a cell phone in Delauncy’s possessions. No word was given as to what the FBI found during the raid. 
At the same time, agents raided the family home, looking for any materials related to making bombs, data on potential targets and other valuable information towards their case. Neither Dwayne or Maureen were home. Local authorities are working with the FBI to locate the Delauncys and bring them in for questioning. If you see the Delauncys, consider them armed and dangerous and contact the FBI or local law enforcement immediately. 
Jamison Delauncy is being held without bond until the apprehension of his parents. Authorities highlight this as the largest bust of a domestic terrorism ring since the adoption of the PATRIOT Act following September 11th
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She is not a terrorist and thinks that children being arrested has gotten out of control. 

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