Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nancy Grace Effects Law Change In America

Tampa, FL - Popular CNN Personality, Nancy Grace, was in Florida speaking to a crowd about the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial today. She attempted to summarize the problems with the case and how Ms. Anthony could be found not guilty, by a jury of her peers, for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. 

Many remember Nancy Grace as being the driving force of media attention for the Casey Anthony trial, starting with the breaking news that her daughter was missing. Grace applied pressure in updating on every development and drumming up speculation as to what really happened to Caylee. For better or worse, Grace is seen as the face of the media during this trial. She was responsible for the interest in the case and most of the misinformation provided through the media during the investigation and the trial itself. 
Grace’s biggest mistake was that she was not part of the jury. She latched on to the opinion that Casey was guilty of murder early during the investigation and pursued only that angle. When asked about this opinion and how it clouded her judgement, Grace refused to answer the question, only stating that the ‘facts of the case speak for their self’. 
When asked what’s next for Nancy Grace, a member of the gathered crowd shouted, “Get off TV and stop spreading lies!”. A round of applause broke out during that gathering, with people chanting incoherently at Grace. 
As one commenter said at the gathering, “Nancy Grace couldn’t tell a fact from a faucet, nor the truth from a Baby Ruth”. 
Another commenter stated, “The outrage of people seems to be directly related to the amount of Nancy Grace they watch. I’m not outraged by the verdict. In fact, I’m more outraged that Nancy Grace has an apparent vendetta against Casey for some unknown reason.”
A third commenter told reporters, “I cannot believe that the court found her innocent. That poor little girl died, and even if Casey didn’t do it herself, she played a part in the ordeal. Why couldn’t the jury convict her for that?”
Nancy Grace refused to speak to reporters after her statements and hopped into a car to flee the gathering. The mob organized into two camps - for and against the verdict. The two sides protested one another until Tampa Police broke up the engagement. No CNN reporters were hurt during the confrontation, though two officers and 15 protesters were hospitalized. 
 A new requirement was pushed through Congress at the urging of CNN and Fox News. The new requirement states, “In all future court cases, no jury can issue a verdict without speaking directly to Nancy Grace for her opinion and analysis.” This marks the biggest change to court rights since the formation of the US Constitution. Already, motions are being filed to declare this move unconstitutional. 
Whether one believes that Casey was guilty or not, only twelve people were tasked with viewing all the evidence from both sides, with the orders of what the indictments required to be found guilty, and those twelve people made their decision. The only mistake the jury made was not checking with Nancy Grace before making their ruling. 
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She has no opinion on the Casey Anthony trial nor the verdict. She believes that the jury makes the decisions, and those are the only opinions that matter in a criminal trial. 

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