Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holiday Creep Hits New Low

Washington, DC - President Obama, rather than focusing on jobs, the debt ceiling, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Yemen, dedicated the National Christmas Tree today. The dedication came earlier than ever, surpassing the old record by nearly four months. This is just the latest example of holiday creep occurring in the United States.

“We feel that the dedication of the National Christmas Tree in July is a travesty to the holidays that come between the Independence Day holiday and Christmas. The tree being dedicated before students are even back to school creates this illusion that Christmas is the most important holiday in America,” Cathy McGee, 54, a teacher from Sioux City, Iowa, told reporters following the dedication. 
“It’s a moment when we can all realize that Jesus is Lord and he cannot be taken away from the American social culture,” Reverend Bill Gavins, 44, from Boston, told reporters when asked. Gavins had lead the National prayer before the dedication. 
It has been a dividing moment for the people of America. Many feel that Christmas should only be celebrated following the Thanksgiving holiday. Others believe it is a step in the right direction, getting the nation back in touch with the “Christian roots” of the country. 
Perhaps Mary O’Donnell, 23, from Portland, Oregon, summarized the situation the best. “I’m not against Christmas. I’m not against religion or faith. I’m not even against capitalism and how holidays drive corporate profits. I’m against the President feeling that July was the time to do this dedication. With so many people out of work, the country in peril from the debt ceiling, with so many wars going on, it would just seem like he would have better and more important things to do than dicker around with a tree during the summer. It makes no sense.”
President Obama has faced his toughest problems and lowest ratings during the summer months, including his presidential campaign in 2008. The summer seems to hit him hard for whatever reason. When the weather starts cooling down, the President seems to bounce back and show the resilience which has made him the Commander in Chief. This could be just a political stunt to gain some political capital to use in pushing through initiatives to fix the problems facing the nation. Obama is still reeling from other initiatives pushed through during his first year in office. The past 18 months has seen far more conflict from the Republicans as Obama attempts to push through his legislation.
Though, even with this dedication, many don’t see anything positive coming from it for more than a week, when the tree will lose its significants and become just another holiday decoration fading in the summer sun.
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She has been known to have her Christmas tree up from Black Friday until January 9th the following year. July seems a bit excessive to her for a holiday season start. 

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