Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Drink Craze Rocks Nation

Boston, MA - A bartender in Boston has created a new drink named the Rachel Maddow, or the Maddow for short. It is a full sized drink consisting of one part rum, three parts warm milk, and is drank between two hot women. 

“The idea came to me to create this drink after watching her make cocktails on the air. She’s one of my favorite television personalities and I think it’s a great way to pay tribute to her with something she might enjoy,” Ed Raines, the bartender who invented the drink, told reporters.

The drink relies heavily on having two attractive women, one on each side. Without the women, the drink is called the “Liberal Agenda”.

“The reason it changes names based on how it is drunk is that we know Maddow as being a vocal member of the LGBT community, just like you Annabel, and she seems like she would enjoy the attention.”

Annabel Lee was offered a sample of the Maddow drink, and she found herself quite surprised by the smooth taste an the texture of the women. Also, the drink wasn’t bad either. 

Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She once had a dream where she was on the Rachel Maddow Show talking about LGBT issues.

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