Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boy Sued For Medical Malpractice

Milwaukee, WI - When Stacy Tagliabou sent her daughter Casey, 5, to school in May, she never expected to find out that her daughter had been improperly touched. Casey walked into the school and did her classwork until recess, when she went out to play with the class. It was outside, on the playground, where the trouble began.

Casey joined up with her friend and classmate Tanner, also age 5. Tanner allegedly asked Casey to play doctor with him, to which Casey agreed. Casey claims that Tanner then took off his clothes in a corner, she did the same and laid on the ground. Tanner began touching her with his fingers, poking her between the ribs and on her chest. 
The two were caught by a teacher and told to get dressed and were taken to the principal’s office. The principal, who refused to comment or allow us to publish his name, called both children’s parents. 
Yesterday, Ms. Tagliabou filed a lawsuit against Tanner and his parents, whose names have been withheld, claiming medical malpractice against Tanner. Additional charges include: practicing medicine without a license and fraud. If convicted, Tanner could face five years in Juvenile Corrective Services and a fine of $500,000. 
In a statement to the press, Ms. Tagliabou said,
I think that what happened is a crime. That a child claiming to be a doctor could get my child undressed and touch her is criminal. You can tell me that it is kids being kids, but kids didn’t act like that in my day, and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Life has consequences. This young man is about to get what he deserves.
Ms. Tagliabou has also filed a civil lawsuit against the Milwaukee school district for allowing this to occur on school property. She is seeking damages in the amount of $85 million. 
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist with the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She is not a doctor, and has yet to play one on TV. 

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