Thursday, June 2, 2011

Annabel Does It Again

Undisclosed Location, USA - Annabel Lee was arrested once again last night. She was picked up on a trespassing charge outside of the secretive compound known as the Maddow Cave. It is the home of MSNBC personality, and personal favorite of Annabel Lee’s, Rachel Maddow. 

Since she was arrested, we don’t have a written report from her. Instead, we have a transcript of the encounter. What we do know at this time is that Annabel was on the curb in front of the Maddow Cave examining the contents of Maddow’s garbage cans.

*Sounds of trash being ruffled, followed by loud footsteps*

Annabel Lee (AL): “Huh, wha?”

Rachel Maddow (RM): “What are you doing in my garbage cans?”

AL: “Looking for any evidence of Republican leanings?”

RM: “I’m a liberal, and you’re breaking the law. Now, get off my property before I call the police.”

AL: “So, would this be a bad time to tell you that you’re pretty?”

RM: “I’m dialing.”

*Sounds of phone buttons being pressed*

AL: “So, yes, this would be a bad time.”


RM: “Hi, yes, this is Rachel Maddow. I’d like to report a trespasser on my property.”

AL: “Sometimes, I have dream about you. You’re running for office and it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

RM: “That’s right officer, at the Maddow Cave. Okay, Thanks.”

*Sound of the phone hanging up*

RM: “The police will be here in a few minutes.”

*Sound of Annabel attempting to run off and crashing into something*

End of Tape

At the moment, Annabel is only being held for the trespassing charge. No word if Maddow will press charges against being creeped out by Annabel’s advances.

Keith Couture is Annabel Lee’s boss. He has a separate budget just for Annabel’s bail money. He also likes crab cakes.

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