Friday, May 13, 2011

Political Correctness Goes Too Far?

Jefferson City, MO - Workers in Missouri petitioned the state legislature in Jefferson City today claiming they were offended by the term “unemployed worker”. In a new wave of political correctness, the petition wanted the unemployed to be called “Work-Place Deficient Americans”. 

“We believe that we are still working, even if we aren’t getting paid or at a company,” stated Ed Reiden, President of the organization Truth in Names. “People work around their homes, with their families and friends, they do things. They’re not just sitting around by choice. They’re working hard trying to find new workplaces, but the economy isn’t helping them out. So calling them unemployed has a negative connotation. One that the politicians in Washington have used, referring to all out of work persons as being drug addicts and hobos.”

“I’ve heard some stupid things, but this has to be one of the dumbest in all my years in politics,” exclaimed Steve Parks, deputy mayor of Jefferson City. “To hear that people are demanding to be called something because one or two people used it negatively takes this to a whole new level. The political correctness wave is running out of ideas, now they’re looking to attach themselves to the millions who are looking for work.”

Reiden updated the organizations website to reflect his announcement today, as well as to provide notice that the petition had been submitted to the legislature for consideration. Parks believes that Reiden’s organization is just wasting time and looking for donations.

“There is no way that this type of legislation will even make it to the floor for a vote in one chamber. This is just a way for Truth in Names to get their name out there and attract donations.”

When asked if donations would come to an organization who failed to achieve anything, Parks told us, “Absolutely. It happens all the time. Libertarian party candidates, political action committees for pot farmers, lottery tickets. They all get money from people, usually for nothing in return.”

Reiden, when asked what he hoped to achieve with this petition, said, “We are hoping to get people the recognition and understand they deserve. We’re hoping to change the way people think about workplace deficient Americans.”

He went on to say, several times, that they are accepting donations and volunteers.

Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She plays a mean guitar, and also plays mild mannered guitars as well.

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