Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Evolution, Now Gravity? New Christian Agenda Revealed

Topeka, KS - A new conservative push against science has taken hold in Kansas. Over the past 150 years, conservatives have gone toe-to-toe with believers of Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution”. Kansas now requires the conservative alternative of “Intelligent Design” to be taught in school along side evolution. The next step in the push against science is aimed at famed physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton. 

The new conservative position states: Gravity is a theory, just like that of evolution. As such, being a theory, it is unprovable. We know that it is the hand of God that keeps up to the Earth. He ensures that we remain and we fall to the place where we belong. Those who attempt to say otherwise are attempting to change the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. 
The National Science Foundation has fought back against this right-wing propaganda pointing to the vast piles of evidence collected over the centuries, particularly by NASA and space exploration. Even Stephen Hawking has chimed in to this American debate, as his work with physics is based on Newtonian laws.
A spokesman for the NSF stated: “We have seen proof that gravity exists. From star wobbles to the pull of black holes to the formation of stars themselves, it is all gravity. Gravity keeps us in orbit around the Sun, keeps us tied to the Earth, keeps the moon in orbit. If gravity didn’t exist, none of this would be possible.”
The two sides are both presenting their evidence, though the tide appears to be another fracture in the American mentality. It appears just as with evolution, where the scientists and learned individuals believe in the theory, while the devout and the less educated believe the hype. This appears to be another conflict in the war for minds in America. 
There is a theory that says that conservatives have worked intentionally to create poor and uneducated people, as a way to control them easier and gain their votes, leading to what CitiGroup officials call a “plutonomy”. If this is actually the case, it is by far one of the most nefarious events in the history of the United States since the begin of slavery. 
A public hearing as to whether to teach “God’s Hand” theory along side gravity will take place in Kansas schools. Protests for both sides are planned for the event, some starting a week before the debate is to take place. Both sides are expecting the votes to go in their favor.
Annabel Lee is a freelance journalist for the Baltimore Fake Times Journal. She believes in Evolution, Gravity and Ancient Alien theories. 
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